How to get a job at Ikea

A step-by-step guide to getting an Ikea job

If you're thinking about getting a job at Ikea, these tips will help you on your way to a new career. You'll be able to join a global group of companies and get a job that allows you to develop professionally.

About the company

Ikea employs over 3,000 people every year, so you certainly have a chance. Employees are spread across various retail outlets as well as logistics distribution centers.

Ikea has a strong international presence with 466 stores in 63 countries. Ikea has about 9,500 products and 2,500 are created every year. Ikea is also the 6 largest restaurant chain in the world.

Types of jobs

There are a large number of jobs available at Ikea that vary greatly.

These include:

  •  Sales jobs: salesperson, account manager, sales manager;
  •  Customer service jobs: customer service worker, cashier, receptionist, after-sales service worker, technical support specialist;
  •  Catering jobs: catering worker, catering manager;
  •  Design and visual merchandising: interior designer, graphic designer, visual merchandiser, carpenter;
  •  IT professions: developer, system administrator;
  •  Logistics and supply: logistics officer, self-service employee, logistics coordinator, forklift operator, order picker, team leader, department manager;
  •  Support and administrative professions: accountant, lawyer, human resources manager, finance manager;
  •  Maintenance and general services: maintenance technician, safety and security manager.


Given the variety of professions at Ikea, it's understandable that salaries can vary widely.

Here are some examples:

  •  After-sales service manager: €26,200 per year;
  •  Self-service employee: €18,500 per year;
  •  Customer service manager: €23,000 per year;
  •  Department manager: €46,500 per year;


Working at Ikea offers a number of important benefits.

For example:

  •  Year-end bonus;
  •  A variable salary that depends on overall economic performance;
  •  A health insurance program that offers quality benefits from the moment you join the organization;
  •  Seniority bonus (more than 2 years);
  •  Additional vacation for long service (after 3 years);
  •  Healthy and varied lunch for €2.50;
  •  Personalized 15% discount on IKEA purchases.

How to send your CV

The classic way to send your CV is via the Ikea website.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the Ikea website;
  2. Apply the filters of your choice (country/region, business sector, job type);
  3. Once you have found one or more jobs that interest you, click on the "Apply" button on the job page;
  4. You will be prompted to create an account on the site to submit your application and then upload your resume;

There is no point in applying otherwise. Even if you go to the store, you will be automatically redirected to the company's website.

There is nothing stopping you from reapplying if your previous application was not successful.


Professions are very different, so the profiles are also very different. To work at Ikea, you can have an administrative profile, a technical profile or, in particular, a sales profile.

You can start very young, or you can join the team with several years of professional experience. The most important thing is that you have a young mind and a desire to join a dynamic company.

What employees think about working at Ikea

According to Glassdoor, people are generally happy to work for an employer that has a good image in the community. Ikea scored a 3.9/5, which is a pretty high satisfaction score.

Ikea employees especially appreciate the friendly work environment, team spirit, and benefits. On the downside, employees talk about fairly low pay (below average), working on weekends, very long work hours, and high turnover.

How to work at Ikea

As with all large companies that attract the best candidates, you'll need a real strategy to find a job at Ikea. The goal is to get the attention of recruiters who receive dozens of applications every day.

Analyze the company

The first thing to do is to do a thorough analysis of the company you want to work for. Knowing about the organization and development opportunities will allow you to personalize your job search.

By doing this, you will be able to show Ikea recruiters that you are particularly motivated to work for this company. It's hard to appear motivated when a letter or resume can be just as well sent to a competing company.

Spend some time on the site, it will help you to put together a good resume and cover letter and perform well in the job interview. You will have 3 interviews before you are hired, so this research will not go to waste.

Regardless of the position, read the job ad carefully and underline the words you think are most important to recruiters. You can use these words in your resume and cover letter. This way, you will look like the perfect candidate and it will be very easy for you to book an interview where you can emphasize your skills and your real motivation for the job.

Make a design resume and send it in PDF format

Ikea is a modern company that is on the cutting edge of trends and design. Therefore, you really need to prove yourself when it comes to presenting your resume. You need to make something eye-catching that will make you stand out from the crowd.

To make such a modern resume, feel free to use:

  •  Design software: Canva offers many templates, it's free and doesn't require much technical knowledge;
  •  A resume generator: CVapp will create a professional resume for a small fee;
  •  Word resume template: if you are good with Word, adapt the ready-made template to your needs;

Adapt your CV

The resume you compose should always be modified and personalized for each application. It's a lot of work, but this is how you can maximize the accuracy of the job offer.

Also, make the most of the skills and know-how that the position requires. This way, you can appear to be the perfect candidate for the vacancy and the position.

For this, you need to clearly communicate about the company and the vacancy you are applying for. The cover letter, as its name suggests, should show your motivation. Explain what interests you about Ikea and why you are suitable for the job you are interested in. Feel free to use words like "motivation, enthusiasm, interest".

You can personalize your application by citing a few expressions or words found in the ad that you can use to make the perfect connection between your contribution and the company's expectations.

Given the large number of job openings, you may want to submit multiple applications.

Feel free to demonstrate your geographical mobility by explaining that you are motivated to work in stores in multiple departments or regions. Feel free to update your application regularly. But remember to personalize it each time and don't send the same application as last time.


Despite the fact that a Swedish retail company hires several thousand new employees every year, the competition is fierce. To stand out from the crowd, you need to research properly and personalize your application perfectly. This will show that you are highly motivated to work specifically at Ikea. Know that in an equal hiring process, the most motivated candidate always wins - and everything will work out.



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