LinkedIn: How to use it for your job search

LinkedIn Profile: Tips and Strategies

LinkedIn in 2024 is a popular social network for professional networking and job searching. If you're on the lookout for the right job opportunity, you should look into this platform. Here are some tips on creating a profile and finding a job for newbies on LinkedIn.

How to create a good LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is somewhat like a storefront. Recruiters who like your postings will click through to the page to learn a little more. It's important to make sure this showcase entices them.

Profile Description

The profile description is your professional slogan. It's what the visitor will read first, so it should reflect your core skills.

Like any social network, LinkedIn runs on a search algorithm, so the use of keywords is important. Think about the words you would use to search for a job opening. Now insert those keywords into your profile description.

Avoid overly complex words with low search frequency and use a vertical dash to separate keywords. Also add a short description of what you do. Together, something like this will come out:

Marketing Product Manager | Communications Officer | Consultant | Data Manager | I improve your performance through stories.

Profile photo

The photo is your business card. Whether we like it or not, image is crucial in today's society. Your photo should show you in the best light.

Here are some tips:

  •  Use a fresh and clear photo;
  •  Select professional clothing;
  •  Avoid selfies and full-length photos;
  •  Smile.


This section combines information about you and your activities. When reading your resume, the recruiter should be able to identify your core skills at a glance. Feel free to mention your successes, but don't go into too much detail.

Structure the text to emphasize your experience and what you can bring to your future employer. Use keywords related to your activities here as well. The more keywords you put in, the more interesting offers you will get.

Professional Experience

Again, keywords are important. Be specific, especially with job titles. It is thanks to them that the algorithm will show you to possible recruiters or commercial partners.

Also, don't forget to describe your professional skills in detail. Do not hesitate, in LinkedIn you are not limited in the number of pages.


If possible, try to get recommendations from your former bosses, former colleagues or even clients. Be selective, the reviews posted should be good.

How to find a job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for job searching today, and there are several approaches at once:

Show intentions

The first option available to you is to indicate that you're looking for a job by using the "Open for Jobs" icon. A small green banner will appear next to your profile picture.

Some suggest using it to be transparent in your approach. Others feel that it puts the candidate in the position of asking for the job. If you've just graduated or have little experience, feel free to use it.

Network with your acquaintances

Now move on to networking. Read posts, give likes, comment, share. This is how you will gain popularity on the platform.

Share as much interesting information as possible to encourage your audience to interact with you. This will give you the opportunity to receive interesting offers. You can be reminded about your job search every 5-6 posts.

Pay attention to personal messages

You should be very careful about personal messages. In fact, they are the ones through which recruiters contact you to offer you an interview.

These can be companies or recruiting firms known as headhunters. Depending on your profile and experience, they will offer you one or more jobs. Responsiveness is important: network daily and don't wait 3 days to respond to inquiries.

Be professional and be sure to use the right tone: the first message is the starting point of the hiring process. Everything you write will be carefully analyzed by the recruiter and will determine what comes next.


LinkedIn doesn't guarantee that you'll necessarily find a dream job right away, but with some simple tips you can significantly increase your chances of interesting offers. Keep an eye on your profile so you don't miss out on offers from recruiters.



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