Google for Jobs is a job search platform

Google for Jobs Review

Google has launched a new job search service that works directly in the search engine. If the search phrase is related to employment, current vacancies are displayed in a separate box among the first search results. The Google Jobs aggregator is not a competitor to those already available, but a collaboration with job search sites.

Google for Jobs is Google's job search platform for job seekers. Job seekers can search for job openings and apply directly in the Google search bar without having to visit a website.

Google for Jobs is similar to job search engines such as, which receive job postings from a variety of sources. The difference is that Google removes job ads for verification and Google's technology enhances the search results.

Want to make the most of free organic traffic with Google for Jobs? Who would say no? Since about 70% of all job searches start on Google, it should be a great place to find candidate leads.

How does it work? Let's try it out. For example, we type "programmer jobs" into Google and get nearby offers. And no need to go to the site where the job is posted, all the information is displayed directly in the search engine. In the offer preview, we see brief information: salary, full-time or part-time job and on which website the original vacancy was posted. When we click on an interesting offer, we stay within Google without being redirected to another website, but we still have to go to the website to apply. In Google Jobs, you can see the full text of the vacancy with all the requirements and conditions. By default, jobs that are nearby are shown, but if you want, you can limit or expand the search area or search in a different city. There is also the option to sort by posting date, job type and companies. You can save your favorite offers to find them more easily or compare them with others. You can also activate e-mail alerts to receive notifications of new vacancies that match your search.

A good job description has always been important. Now it's worth making sure it's optimized for Google: think about what keywords to include, especially in the geolocation and job description sections. Make sure your content is unique and don't copy competitors' job descriptions.

Candidates should be able to apply directly from the job page. Google's algorithms favor a short application process.

Google for Jobs also saves job seekers time. For example, after creating a job posting, applicants can click on individual postings and search directly on the employer's website or another website.

Google for Jobs also provides a lot of information about the company, average salary and much more. This helps job seekers quickly find out if an organization is right for them and saves them time when applying for a job they don't want.

The interface is extremely clear and informative. It should be noted that this Google feature is new. In the United States, the job search service was launched in 2017 and has gradually been rolled out to other countries. Before that, there were other job aggregators, but to get detailed information, you had to go to the website with the actual offer, which takes time. Google Jobs includes remote job search, but it is unlikely to compete with full-fledged freelance job sites.



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