BBC Freelancer: An algorithm for getting started, how to set up the process of getting paid

BBC Freelancer: An algorithm for getting your job started

If you work for the BBC, we understand that you may be working in a very fast-paced environment, so it can be difficult to understand what's going on and what you need to do before, during and after you start working for the BBC. So let's take a little bit of time to understand the specifics of the profession and build an algorithm of actions. We have prepared a step-by-step explanation of how to set up the payment of your salary, systematise the process and be calm for the payment of your work.

You are hired

Your contract starts when the customer sends an order to our internal system (by email). The contract contains all the important information about the contract, including who booked you, payment details and any additional information the customer deems necessary.

Access to the Free Payment Portal (FPP)

If you are coming to the BBC for the first time, you will need to register on the Free Payment Portal. You will find the information you need to register in the 'Accepting Payments' section of your contract. If you already have an FPP account but haven't used it for a while, contact us to unlock your account. Once you have accessed the free payment portal, check and update all relevant information, including bank details, in the 'My Details' section of FPP.

We recommend that you accept your booking through the Freelancer payment portal within one working day of receiving your booking confirmation email.

Confirm your tax code (PAYE only)

If you are a freelancer who receives a salary by withholding, it is important to check your tax code before you receive your salary as this will affect the amount of tax withheld. There are two ways to check your tax code, to make sure your employee has enough time to process their tax code, do one of the following before the date of the first monthly payroll payment.

  • Email a copy of the latest P45 to your HR department;
  • Create a checklist for new employees and send it to HR.

How to get a job at the BBC

Complete the ETW

It is important that BBC employees check their employment rights on their first day of work as failure to do so will affect their pay. Go to myDevelopment, the BBC's training system, to complete any mandatory training required for your role. Request payment in the 'Booking Request' section of the Freelancer Payments portal. Payments can only be requested on the payment date. The payment date is set by the customer when the booking information is uploaded into the system and can be found in the "Booking Request" section of the FPP portal.

If the booking has been paid in cash, payment is automatically requested on the payment date (if you have accepted the booking and have a valid ETW). If full payment has been made, you will need to invoice the payment manually in FPP. This can be done on or after the payment date.

If you are paid directly, you will receive payment on the 15th of each month (for all payments claimed before the 3rd of the month). Once paid, you can view your payslip on the BBC MyView website. If you are paid in cash, you will receive your payment within 3-5 working days of requesting payment via FPP. You will receive your payslip by email a few days before your payout.

As you can see if you break it down into steps, there is nothing complicated or scary. Although this procedure requires some effort and concentration in following the algorithm of actions to ensure a good result and correct timely payments, but a couple of hours of concentration will bring you months, maybe years of peace of mind and confidence.



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