Resume on the phone: How to create a resume that will always be at your fingertips

How to write a resume on your phone

The days of paper resumes are over. Most applications are emailed or submitted through online platforms. The tools used are, of course, computers and tablets, but also, and increasingly, smartphones. Anyone who knows how to use the tool can create a resume on their phone. You can create it directly on your smartphone, download it to your device or save it in the cloud.

Using apps to create resumes

Today, everyone has a resume - in electronic or paper form. Most candidates also have a professional page online. But did you know that many recruiters check their emails on their smartphones? That's why it's worth creating a resume customized to your phone's codes so it's easier to read on a small screen.

A few apps for creating a resume are

  • Intelligent CV;
  • Canva;
  • CV Maker Resume.

Use text editors

You can also use smartphone texting apps like Word or Docs to create a resume on your cell phone. With such a tool, the design of your resume will be more sober. Don't forget to convert it to PDF format before sending it.

Sending your resume via email

To get your resume on your phone, there's a simple trick: create it on your computer and email it to yourself from there. Then you can download it to your cell phone and save it in files to have it at the ready when you need it. This way, you can easily respond to a job offer from your phone by writing a letter of application and attaching your resume to it.

Store your resume in the cloud

Another solution is to store your resume on a cloud-based platform, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You can access your resume from any digital device, be it a smartphone, computer or tablet, as long as you have an internet connection. Remember to save it in Word format so you can make changes to it if necessary before submitting your application.

Upload your resume

Finally, you can save your resume to a job board such as Indeed. With a streamlined application process, you'll be able to submit it in no time by replying to the ad.

Canva for the résumé

Optimize your resume for the digital world

  • Choose an airy layout;
  • Choose the right font;
  • Get to the point;
  • Digitize your resume;
  • Always send your resume in PDF format;
  • Name your resume after yourself.

Having your resume on your phone is an advantage

Having your CV on your smartphone offers a number of advantages, not least in terms of practicality. First of all, you will be among the first to apply. Let's say you receive an alert that there is a vacancy that you might be interested in, and you can submit your application with a single click. By doing so, you will demonstrate to employers one of your qualities - responsiveness.

Moreover, by being one of the first to submit your application, you will increase your chances of catching the recruiter's attention and getting the job. But before you rush, make sure that your resume is well adapted to the position you are applying for. Feel free to finalize it, if necessary, before sending it out.

Greater flexibility

Having your resume on your cell phone not only saves you time, but also makes you more flexible. Are you on the road, in the office, or on vacation and don't have access to a computer? If you compose your resume on your phone, you'll be able to send it in any situation, saving you valuable time.

Show off your digital skills

The world of human resources is also changing and becoming digital. For example, recruiters at trade shows can see your resume online. In some cases, you will have to fill out an online form with your contact information and resume. Recruiters will then scan the code on your resume. If you can make a resume on your phone, it will show employers that you are tech-savvy and keep up with the latest innovations.

Print your resume from your cell phone

Finally, having a resume on your phone means you can print it out easily, quickly, and anytime. No printer? No internet connection? Invite the interviewer to transmit the resume via Bluetooth.

As you can see, knowing how to make a resume on your phone makes your job search faster and more flexible. You don't have to have a lot of paperwork on hand and worry about keeping it presentable or wondering if you've forgotten something. Digital technology offers incredible possibilities in your convenience of storing information.



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