A review of the job search site Indeed

Indeed Review 2023

Indeed, has long been one of the leading solutions for job postings, so naturally the product is well-designed and offers a wide range of features for both jobseekers and recruiters. Posting a vacancy is easy and free. However, if you want to reach a large enough audience to get a lot of applicants, you will need to post a sponsored vacancy on Indeed, which can be expensive.

Indeed, it is considered a job site for professionals, but you won't find many high-profile vacancies on this platform. The site is popular in the healthcare sector, where you can find high to low-level jobs in offices and hospitals, although there are all kinds of jobs, mostly with low-level positions and most jobseekers.

Indeed, posts job openings and gives all applicants the opportunity to take a skills test, so you can see if their skills match what's on their resume before you interview them. The job ads themselves are easy to navigate, and more candidates are submitting their details thanks to the one-click sign-up option.

There is an excellent in-house team to support companies sponsoring job ads. With advice on placement and ad text, they can help you improve your ads and increase the overall spend on your account. This is a great help for larger organizations that spend a lot of money on vacancy ads and can be an extension of your in-house recruitment team.

Indeed also offers a range of products to help you play a more active role in attracting talent. Indeed, Resume allows you to view candidate profiles and invite them to apply for open positions, while the Indeed Recruiting platform helps you assess candidates and schedule interviews. If you're doing a broad search, these can be useful tools to narrow down your candidate pool.

One aspect employers should be aware of is the cost of sponsored vacancies. Not everyone can post jobs for free, and the impact of free ads can diminish significantly after the first 30 days. Companies that need ongoing job ads may need to sponsor the ad to ensure long-term popularity.

Unfortunately, costs can quickly get out of hand if you don't keep track of expenses or set a budget. This system works similarly to pay-per-click advertising, where you pay a fee every time a candidate clicks on your job ad. You can sponsor jobs for as little as $5 a day, but depending on where the job is being advertised and how popular it is, you may get few clicks, perhaps less than one candidate per day.

An advertising budget of $25-50 per day can be expensive, especially for small businesses. Some healthcare organizations may spend thousands of dollars a month recruiting nurses because they do not pay based on the number of qualified applicants, but every time an applicant clicks on the ad.

These costs can be reduced by setting a daily budget, but once the cost threshold is reached, the staff ad disappears from search results. You may need to experiment to find the right balance for each ad.

Whether Indeed is right for you depends on the type of organization you work in and the size of your recruitment budget. If you work in healthcare and have a high demand for nonmedical support roles, Indeed is a good choice. However, if you're applying for an operations manager position in Montana, you probably won't find the right candidate on Indeed.

If you are planning to post a vacancy on an online job board, Indeed should be considered a leader in this type of recruitment. Before posting a vacancy, research the site and the type of position you are looking to fill. You need to be sure that the platform can attract the number of candidates you want and that you are getting good value for money.



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