Top in-demand professions in Poland this year - Useful information

Top in-demand professions in Poland

More and more of the able-bodied population is moving abroad. In this regard, the country is in great need of foreign employees.

For employment, it is not necessary to know Polish and have ten years of work experience, but, of course, the presence of such knowledge and experience will be an advantage.

What spheres and professions are in demand?


Since the cities of Because are actively being built up, there is always a shortage of construction workers. In the construction sector are in great demand concrete workers, reinforcers, specialists in finishing works, masons, plasterers, tilers, installers of building structures. Salaries start from PLN 2,950 per month and can even reach PLN 10,000.


In the industrial sector there is a special demand for machine operators, fitters, welders, electricians, electromechanical, as well as tailors and tailors. The salaries in this field vary: for example, the average salary of a machine operator in the Polish Republic is PLN 4,500, while welders earn more – around PLN 5,000-6,000.


People often go for seasonal work – picking vegetables, berries, and fruits. This work is characterized by rather difficult conditions: you need to work a lot, and – in any weather. For such work you can get from 4,000 to 5,000 PLN per month.


Warehouse and warehouse workers are in extraordinary demand among employers. Employers offer salaries from 2,500 PLN. They can work both men and women, which is certainly a plus. Moreover – employers do not mind taking students. The pay can reach 19 zlotys/hour.

There is also a shortage of drivers, but here there is a little difficulty, because to get a job as a driver, you need to have a special license, and it is not cheap.

Food industry

Cooks, confectioners, bakers, as well as their assistants, are unlikely to remain unemployed. Restaurants and cafes are popular with locals and tourists, so there is plenty of work in this field. For example, cooks earn from 3,500 PLN per month, often reaching a salary of 6,000 PLN.

Drivers, security guards

There are many vacancies for drivers and security guards. But here there is one nuance – to get a job in one of these professions, the applicant will have to acquire a license, and it is not cheap. In Poland, there is a significant shortage of bus drivers and drivers of vehicles with a payload of more than 3.5 tons. Salaries from PLN 4,000.


An engineer is one of the most sought-after professions in the world. In Poland, a qualified engineer is guaranteed to find a job in his or her specialty. Especially in demand are engineers of electrical, mechanical and construction profiles. Many companies are ready to hire foreigners with engineering education, significant work experience and knowledge of the Polish language as managers. Polish science is booming, with the government investing huge sums in research. Biologists, genetic engineers, pharmacists, chemical, and food engineers can expect to find a job in Poland. Salary starts from 4,000 PLN.

IT specialists

The shortage of qualified employees in the IT sector is a problem for all Western countries. The Polish labor market is in urgent need of competent programmers, developers of applications for smartphones and computer software.

One of the leading professions in 2023 is undoubtedly a programmer. The IT industry is constantly looking for qualified specialists, nothing indicates that changes are possible in the near future.

Even if your experience and competencies are largely in the humanities, nothing prevents you from changing your qualifications. More and more courses from the IT field are being organized, which are popular among people not previously associated with this environment. This is a good time to broaden your horizons and break the stereotype that humanities majors lack technical ability. It's worth putting fears aside, as this year is one of the best years to make such a decision. Salaries start from PLN 3,000.




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