Travel and Make Money: How to become a travel journalist

How to start making money from traveling as a travel journalist

For many people, traveling is simply buying a ticket, picking a seat on an airplane and driving to a destination. This is not the case if you are traveling to visit family, friends or for a business meeting. However, when it comes to a tourist trip, it is a different matter. Such a trip needs guides, chaperones, critics, and reporters to live or recorded broadcast every step of the journey.

Did you know that journalists also find work while traveling? Would you like to know more about his or her tasks? How does one become a travel journalist? Here are some answers.

A travel journalist performs tasks similar to those performed by a journalist in any media outlet:

  • He announces the trip and report on the activities involved in preparing for the trip;
  • Disseminates information and raises awareness about key elements of the trip;
  • Reports everything he or she sees and hears, live or recorded, during the trip;
  • Makes useful notes for future articles;
  • Prepares his reports.

These are just some of the basic elements that describe the tasks you will have to perform before, during and after traveling if you choose this profession.

Requirements for a travel reporter

This job is little known to the general public. Most reporters work in the media, and the pay conditions for those who work in the travel industry are really tough. One of the first requirements for this profession is passion.

Passion and an understanding of the need for the job

Many travel journalists work as freelancers or as part of companies. Few newspapers and publishers pay the travel expenses of their journalists. So if you are dependent on this, you will find it difficult to make a living. But those who are passionate about their business will pursue it without much difficulty in investing.

Understand the difficulty of finding a full-time job

Finding a job in this profession is not easy, as many publishers can easily do without this service when travel costs become very high. You will need time to make yourself known, to get noticed, and to take advantage of offers. Don't be discouraged, these are things to consider before you decide to take on this exciting job.

Find your niche

Many journalists find their way through freelance work in travel journalism, working for publishing houses and even online. Familiarize yourself with travel websites, read travel articles and travel reports, and write your own on your blog or website. The quality of your articles will determine your career.

Build your portfolio

In today's digital age, it's important to have a prominent place online to promote your articles and show publishers your expertise. You should have an online portfolio, personal website or blog that you update regularly. The portfolio or website should include your bio, articles documenting your past and future travels, lots of details about your experiences, and social media accounts where you share your articles, photos and videos.

Participate in travel journalist conferences

Your online presence shouldn't prevent you from hearing about other people's experiences live. Learn about useful seminars and conferences and prepare questions to ask the most experienced people in the business.

A travel journalist is first and foremost a regular journalist who is academically trained but has set a certain direction for his or her career. Follow the above steps to get started in this profession. It won't be easy at first, but go ahead. Master the writing techniques to create strong articles for different platforms.



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