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Jooble Job Search Engine Overview

In today's world, finding a job can be a daunting task. And to find the right job, it's important to use a reliable and effective tool.

You may already know that there are many generic or specialized job search websites. However, what you may not know is that there is another real search engine, similar to Google, Bing or Yahoo, that was created solely for job searching: is a search engine founded in 2006 that allows users to find all job offers published on job search sites and platforms or in the careers section of company websites, according to the keywords they are looking for. Jooble filters the offers by automatically excluding two identical job ads or similar offers posted on different sites and showing them to the user as one offer.

To get the best results, starting your search by job type and city, you can narrow the search field by the date the ad was published (the more recent it is, the more likely the ad is still active), desired salary, type of schedule and contract (full-time, part-time, internship, temporary) and maximum distance from the specified location.

Job postings can be viewed, saved, or you can go directly to the agency or company website to submit your resume or fill out an application. You can also upload your resume to the portal to make it immediately available, and subscribe to Job Alerts for free to receive new offers posted for the type of job you are looking for by email. is available to search job postings in no less than 63 countries worldwide, all of Europe (excluding Estonia), all of North America, Mexico, most of South America, most of Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Nigeria and South Africa.

Jooble is a partner of many major companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Google and others.

The IT sector today represents a huge number of job openings on Jooble. The demand for IT professionals has grown by 20% in recent years. It is indeed a key sector in which one of the most in-demand professions is software developer. is a convenient and efficient way to find a job. With its help, you can save time and effort, and increase your chances of success.



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