Jobsora: your job search portal in Spain and other countries

Jobsora: your job search assistant

Jobsora is a portal specialized in offering jobs in Spain; it covers cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Galicia, Asturias, Catalonia and more. It also operates in 36 countries such as the United States, Mexico, France, Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria and others.

Those who are interested in the jobs offered by Jobsora can go to their portal and contact the employer. This service is completely free for the job seeker. You will be able to create your profile and use the search filter to get the best results.

How to create a profile on Jobsora

This job search engine allows you to create digital resumes on their platform. All you need to do is create your profile on the site by providing your email address and password. Complete the registration process, accept the security terms and conditions of the service.

Wait for the confirmation email. Once in your account, add your first name, last name, city, date of birth, contacts. Check your email, adjust privacy settings, emphasize that it can be seen by anyone so you have a better chance of getting a job.

In the "Post a resume" section, you will have the opportunity to upload and register your resume. Add your work experience, academic research, skills, references related to your work, and publications. Add any additional information and save.

You will also be able to upload information that has already been registered so that you can have it in a format other than HTML. After that, customize your resume so that interested companies can see your address, email, and phone number.

Tips for improving your profile on Jobsora

  •  Complete and update your professional profile.
  •  Your resume should include a selfie or an updated photo.
  •  Make sure the dates on your resume match the dates of your previous jobs. This is how hiring managers at recruiting companies will verify your work experience, evaluate your achievements and other important aspects.
  •  Emphasize the new knowledge you gained in positions that expanded your scope of work and the achievement of new goals.
  •  Indicate in your resume those courses, seminars and trainings that add value to your profile. They should be related to the profession you aspire to in the companies you are applying to.
  •  A sense of belonging, friendliness, initiative, collaboration and problem-solving skills are also crucial for recruiting companies.

Job search methods on Jobsora

The opportunities offered by virtual job search tools imply that you should be familiar with them. In the case of Jobsora, you will have opportunities to improve your search and get the best job offers, among which the most common ones are:

  •  To take advantage of technology in the professional field and stand out among other job seekers, you must be proficient in its use, as all documentation must be digitized, which also implies having an internet connection.
  •  It is advisable to know how to use the right keywords that can be used in your resume and cover letter.
  •  One needs to know about the companies, how to contact them via email or address, etc.
  •  It is important to keep your social media active and updated because you will be able to connect with other professionals and companies through them.
  •  Recruiters are always looking for information, so they will use this channel or Google to find out what you do, your professional circle and other information in general.
  •  Create your blog and upload it to your resume profile on Jobsora. This will allow recruiters to see your ideas, knowledge and skills.

Attend job fairs, conventions, forums, congresses offered by the people in charge of this job site. Other professionals or employers will have the opportunity to get to know you and you will have a better chance of finding a job.

Remember to stand out from other candidates. This is necessary in today's competitive job market, so it's important to use these methods to make the most of technology.

Other tools for getting a job on Jobsora

Jobsora has its own app so that the user can quickly and accurately navigate the platform and get the best jobs. Moreover, you can apply for jobs that suit you by downloading the app on your cell phone.

This way, you can access more than a thousand job vacancies from anywhere. In the Events section, you will find special programs such as seminars, forums, congresses and employment management. You will also find information about academic training so that those interested can get involved.

Benefits offered by Jobsora

For recruitment companies or companies looking for staff, there is an XML feed, which is a format that allows you to index in its XML feed all the current offers contained on the site.

If you do not have an XML feed with a job, the portal provides a direct link to start one.

Jobsora offers very affordable rates per project. It also takes care of sending selected candidates.

There are two options for cooperation: organic traffic (free) and PPC traffic, which will increase your responsiveness.

As far as the job seeker is concerned, this portal collects job offers from more than 30 countries. Both the Jobsora website and the Jobsora app allow you to save time when searching for jobs.



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