What a freelance web copywriter does

Freelance web copywriter: What you need to know about this profession

Web copywriters write content for the Internet. The main task of web copywriters is to create quality content that promotes the products and services their clients are preparing to sell. But content is not their goal, it is only a means to an end. Its purpose is to make the content, and thus its client, visible on the internet. To do this, they make sure that articles, fact sheets, books and infographics are posted online to be seen by as many people as possible.

To successfully accomplish its mission, it applies the rules of natural linking, the rules of SEO or "search engine optimization". The principle is simple: for content to link well to search engines, copywriting techniques must be used. This helps to improve the positioning of the content on the web page.

Freelance profession when working as a freelancer

Web copywriters can choose an independent profession, particularly freelancing. Freelance web copywriters choose self-employment: they can give personalized advice and adapt to the needs of the client with complete freedom.

The advantage of freelancing is schedule flexibility. You can organize your working hours as you see fit, and the main luxury of this status is the freedom to choose your clients. You can choose your clients by signing service contracts with them, which means you can choose the topics you will write on.

Web copywriting is a job for enthusiasts. Therefore, you should definitely work on topics that appeal to you. The quality of your work will depend on how interesting it is to your customers.

A brief description of the tasks of a freelance web copywriter is as follows

  • Competitive analysis of content;
  • Determining editorial strategy
  • Analyzing the client's needs;
  • Recommendations;
  • Writing optimized content;
  • Adhering to SEO guidelines;
  • Monitoring user experience after writing.

What qualities should I possess to become a freelance web copywriter

  • You are proficient in languages and do not make spelling mistakes. Worse, you always correct your friends and family at the slightest mistake that annoys you;
  • You are curious about the world around you. Your general knowledge is often updated with new topics that regularly fascinate you;
  • You are a good communicator. Those close to you find you pedagogical in the way you communicate your ideas;
  • You are sociable. You do not hesitate to reach out to others when the need or desire arises;
  • You cannot imagine your life without Internet-connected items. You work effectively on the Internet and it holds no secrets for you;
  • Even if you have an opinion on everything, you know how to remain neutral in your approach to topics that interest you;
  • You are quite independent and, above all, well organized.

How to become a freelance web copywriter

Becoming a web copywriter is not a job that requires a long academic career. It's perfectly possible to be self-taught. But that doesn't mean you don't need a technical background. Aside from the fact that French is ubiquitous, you also need to be fluent in IT tools or at least know how to use them.

The main advantage of working as a freelance web copywriter is independence: not being under the employer's direction at a print agency. But independence is not the same as freedom of action. You need to remember to comply with the legal framework and choose a legal status that suits your activity.

Kim jest copywriter

Options for becoming a copywriter

Option 1: Create a micro-enterprise

You can become an auto-entrepreneur and work as a freelance web copywriter. Auto-entrepreneur status appeals to many entrepreneurs, not least because it's so easy to set up and run. It is the ideal legal form if you want to start a business with minimal hassle.

However, to qualify for the program, you need to meet a turnover threshold. This threshold is 72,600 euro for the service sector and free professions. As an auto-entrepreneur, you are liable to pay income tax.

Option 2: Create a one-person company

Being a freelancer doesn't necessarily mean setting up a sole proprietorship. In fact, you can choose to create a full-fledged structure, SASU or EURL. A one-person company is a company that only requires one person to set up and run. EURL is a one-person SARL company and SASU is a one-person SAS company.

Although this option is more administratively complex and entails higher company formation costs, as a freelance web copywriter it can be very interesting to set up a single member company to reap a number of benefits.

Company formation

Setting up a company involves creating a legal entity separate from you and therefore creating assets separate from your personal assets. Only the assets of the company will bear the losses associated with your business. Your personal assets are protected. The liability of the sole shareholder is limited to the amount of his or her capital contribution.

Under certain conditions, setting up a company allows you to choose between corporation tax and income tax. Depending on your situation, you can set up a EURL or SASU. In both cases, you need to complete the standard formalities associated with company formation, namely.

  • Drafting and signing the articles of association of the company;
  • Deposit the authorized capital in a bank
  • Publish a legal notice in the relevant newspaper;
  • Filing an application for company registration with the Registrar of the Commercial Court.

Copywriter's salary (per hour of work)

  • 20-35 euros for a beginner;
  • 20-60 euros for an intermediate level;
  • 70 for an advanced copywriter.

This profession opens many opportunities for your career development and realization of your talents. It can be your first key to independence and may become your first business, who knows, maybe you will open your own agency and you can teach dozens of people to earn on your favorite business.



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