5 tips on how to stand out in the labor market in the economic crisis

How to find a job in a recession?

According to the Managing Director of the IMF, the world could face an economic crisis similar to the one in 1929. While we wait for a slow economic recovery, we can't help but think about job hunting in such an uncertain environment.  

Be even more rigorous in your search

Whether you're looking for a job or you're driven by a desire for change, it's more important than ever to find just the right company or companies that interest you, rather than sending out applications all over the world. "Today, more than ever, candidates need to be confident that they can succeed at the company they are applying for. They need to learn about the company's culture, values and mission to avoid unpleasant surprises later on," advises a consulting firm specializing in recruitment, training and team support.

Argue for your soft skills

In a labor market that is likely to be highly competitive, soft skills will also allow candidates to stand out during the economic downturn. During this forced isolation, companies have (re)discovered that certain qualities are crucial in their teams. "Recruiters will be in even greater demand for professionals who can think outside the box, display creativity, agility, imagination and courage," notes the consultant. To identify their soft skills, "candidates should ask themselves what they can bring to the job, especially in challenging situations."

Staying visible

As we all know, in "normal" times, it's always advisable to stay actively connected. By keeping in touch with your professional field, you will be kept up to date with job offers as well as important information regarding your field. Above all, don't neglect your presence and actions on professional social media platforms that will remind potential recruiters of you.

Preparing for remote recruitment methods

Remote recruitment is the most common method of recruitment at the moment.  It's likely that recruiters will continue to search for talent through video interviews, at least in the initial stages of recruiting. Candidates will also need to prepare for this virtual meeting and its very specific codes.

Focus on internal mobility

Many executives are thinking about reconfiguring their teams. They are thinking about letting go of people who don't add much value and looking for those who can bring something else to the company, such as specialists with certain skills that the team lacks." For some executives, this crisis will also be a discovery of new talent. "Some employees will disappoint, while others will prove themselves to be adaptive and proactive, able to overturn conventional wisdom and offer innovative solutions." This new awareness may well lead to movement within companies.

With the economic crisis, competition in the labor market can be high. Therefore, it is important to stand out from other candidates. This can be done by emphasizing your strengths, demonstrating your soft skills and willingness to learn.



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