Which webinar platform is right for you?

Popular webinar platforms

Webinars have been used in marketing strategy for a long time now. They not only help in training employees and subscribers, but also familiarize users with brands and their products. The market now has a lot of services that provide video services - in this article we have prepared a selection of interesting platforms for webinars, which are "sharpened" for different business tasks, and also tell you what criteria you need to focus on to choose a platform.

What services are used as a platform for webinars?

A webinar is an online meeting of three or more participants, one of whom gives a lecture, presentation or master class. Webinars require a stable internet connection and high quality sound and picture so that listeners can capture useful information and not miss anything.

Video conferencing services

These include Zoom, Skype, Discord and Google Meet. They allow all participants to turn on the microphone at any time and share their opinions, start a chat and send a media file, as well as conduct a screen demonstration.

These are useful features, but they can also be distracting to the presenter - for example, if a participant forgets to turn off the microphone, thus interfering with the webinar.

Video conferencing services are useful for personal and work communication: meetings, urgent tasks or interviews.

Live broadcasts on social networks

You can launch a live stream on social networks, such as YouTube, Instagram, VK or TikTok. The platforms are constantly improving this feature - you can turn on a live stream in a minute. This helps to attract those users who are online at the moment and are ready not only to listen to the author, but also to watch the video from a smartphone or desktop.

Live broadcasts are used for short conversations with the audience: users can ask a question in chat, and the author will answer them online. It can also include live shows, reviews, life stories, anboxing, and more.

Popular webinar platforms


ClickMeeting is a webinar software.

Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar is a Zoom product that helps you host webinars for large numbers of viewers


GetResponse is a platform of comprehensive internet marketing solutions.


WebinarJam is a platform for hosting and selling webinars.


Demio is a webinar platform that is gaining momentum and becoming popular among entrepreneurs, coaches and marketers.


JetWebinar is a platform for large-scale webinars and conferences.


GoToWebinar is another professional solution for large businesses


LiveWebinar is a versatile webinar platform that can be customized for any task.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a platform for in-house training and seminars.

My own conference

My own conference is a simple service for webinars and lectures.


Livestorm is a modern and convenient platform for working with webinars, meetings, presentations and courses.


Webex - software for corporate meetings and webinars.


On24 is a service that enables brand extensions: live webinars, recorded and hybrid webinars.


WebinarNinja is a unique tool that offers 4 types of webinar hosting to solve your challenges.



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