Lootup: A Forewarning to Forex Traders

Lootup: Forex Scam Review

The realm of Forex trading can be quite treacherous, filled with brokers promising improbable returns. One such broker is Lootup. In this article, we will delve into the multiple red flags that suggest Lootup to be a scam.

Lootup's Modus Operandi

Before trusting any broker, one must consider the quality of the website and customer feedback. On both these fronts, Lootup disappoints.

Questionable Website

Lootup's website leaves a lot to be desired. It's riddled with technical issues and graphical elements that don't render correctly. Furthermore, several sections are barren of information. The site's colour scheme is also suboptimal, with irritating advertisements and fonts that strain the eyes.

High Commissions and Unclear Terms

Lootup's trading conditions are nebulous at best, with high commissions and a penalty system in place. Access to the personal cabinet can be blocked arbitrarily, making funds withdrawal an uphill battle.

Lootup's Dubious Practices

Several indicators point towards Lootup being an illegitimate operation.

No Data Encryption

Lootup lacks specialised encryption safeguarding user data. Payment transactions are managed through fly-by-night services, further raising suspicions.

Nonexistent Support

The support service is virtually absent, with no response to user queries or issues.

Missing Documents and Tools

All legal documents are hidden, and there is no integration with essential Forex services. Reliable trading tools are not provided, and regulatory bodies do not oversee Lootup's activities.

Misleading Advertising

Lootup promises significant returns with minimal effort, glossing over possible risks. Their advertising is intrusive and can be found on various websites and social networks. Here are some aspects that hint at fraudulent activities:

  • Vague terms that hide important details and commissions.
  • Use of complex jargon to confuse users.
  • Urgent and limited offers that pressure users to invest quickly.
  • Spam messages and mass email campaigns.
  • Requests for upfront payments and personal information.

Customer Feedback: A Tale of Woe

Despite Lootup's use of bots to post positive comments, there are numerous negative reviews on the internet. Here are a few common complaints:

  • The website frequently hangs, and orders are filled with significant delays.
  • Withdrawal requests result in blocked access to personal cabinets.
  • Arbitrary cancellation of trades.
  • Unrealistic spreads and high commissions.
  • Absence of a support service.
  • Users receive false signals and are pushed to download third-party apps.
  • Multilevel paid courses with no proven financial tools.

Lootup's Shoddy Website

Lootup's poorly designed website is hard to locate via search engines, and the domain registration was done just a month ago. No contact information is available, and there is no mention of the risks involved.

Third-party Links and Hidden Terms

The site features several external links, and trading terms are hidden behind a registration wall. There is no verification process, and two-factor authentication is missing.

An Evidenced Scam

Beyond misleading advertising and shady practices, Lootup frequently charges unexpected commissions and uses bots to inflate their reputation. The company does not provide free training, demo accounts, or legal documents. Here's why you should steer clear from Lootup:

  • Trading conditions are only available post-registration.
  • False information about regulators.
  • Unclear user agreement.
  • Promises of quick returns and false statistics.
  • Unreasonable penalties and sanctions.
  • Use of one-day services for payments.
  • Positions are annulled arbitrarily.
  • Unrealistic spreads and off-market quotes.
  • No secure connection or risk disclosure.
  • Newly registered domain and hastily designed website.
  • Publication of false analytics and unclear trading tools.

Lootup has a terrible reputation, with numerous negative reviews and blacklisting. The broker does not honour financial obligations and is a typical Forex scam. Thus, it is strongly advised not to engage with this company.



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