Review of Exton Global - Forex scammer

Exton Global: Broker Performance Analysis

Exton Global is a company that provides brokerage services in the Forex market. However, recently this company has accumulated a lot of negative reviews, which raises certain questions regarding their activities. In this article, we will analyse the activities of Exton Global and try to understand whether this company is a fraud.

History of the Company

According to the information provided on the company's website, Exton Global was founded more than a month ago. However, when studying the information about the company in detail, we could not find any confirmation of this statement. In fact, the company has appeared on the market quite recently and has already managed to cause a lot of doubts among clients and market experts.

Customer Reviews

Studying customer reviews about Exton Global, we can notice that most of them are negative. Clients complain about the fact that it is difficult for them to get their funds back. In addition, many point out the aggressive behaviour of the company's employees, who persistently offer their services, interfering in the personal lives of customers.

Problems with the Website

Exton Global's website raises many issues. Firstly, it lacks all the necessary legal documents that should be presented on the website of any company offering brokerage services. Secondly, there is no contact information on the site, making it very difficult to liaise with support.

Violation of Regulations

Exton Global violates the regulators' regulations because it does not have a normal user agreement and charges hidden fees. This is another sign that the company may be a scammer.

Fraudulent Tactics

There are certain signs that indicate that Exton Global may be using fraudulent tactics. For example, the company engages in publishing false data and information, uses "spoofing" to simulate futures bids, and actively imposes bogus investment schemes.

Unfair Practices

One of the most unfair practices that Exton Global employs is the artificial creation of demand. The company actively uses various programmes through which it buys up or sells off shares, thereby increasing the interest of potential investors.


Based on all of the above, we can conclude that Exton Global acts in bad faith and can be classified as a fraudster. Considering all the facts, we strongly recommend potential clients to be cautious and avoid co-operation with this broker.



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