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TD Markets Review: How I Lost Money to Forex Trading Scam

Forex trading is a popular way to make money online, but it also comes with many risks and challenges. One of the biggest dangers is falling victim to a Forex trading scam, where a fraudulent broker or platform takes your money and disappears. In this article, I will share my personal experience with TD Markets, a Forex broker that turned out to be a scammer and a fraudster.

What is TD Markets?

TD Markets is a Forex and binary options broker that claims to offer a range of assets and trading tools on the MetaTrader 4 platform. According to its website, TD Markets is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and has a UK subsidiary that handles card payments and billing services. The broker also claims to offer direct market access (DMA) execution, low spreads, high leverage, and fast withdrawals.

How I got involved with TD Markets

I was looking for a reliable and reputable Forex broker to start trading with, and I came across TD Markets online. I was impressed by their website, which looked professional and user-friendly. I also read some positive reviews on Trustpilot, where customers praised the broker’s service and support. I decided to give TD Markets a try, and opened an account with them. I deposited $500 using my credit card, and received a confirmation email from the broker. I also got a phone call from a person who introduced himself as Farouk, my account manager. He welcomed me to TD Markets, and offered to help me with my trading strategy and education. He sounded friendly and knowledgeable, and I trusted him.

How TD Markets scammed me

For the first few weeks, everything seemed to go well with TD Markets. I was able to access the MT4 platform, and trade various currency pairs and commodities. Farouk also called me regularly, and gave me some trading tips and signals. He encouraged me to increase my trading volume and deposit more money, promising me higher returns and bonuses. He also told me that TD Markets was participating in a special promotion, where I could get a 100% match bonus on my deposits, and withdraw my profits anytime. He said that this was a limited-time offer, and that I should act fast. I was tempted by his offer, and decided to deposit another $2,000. I received another confirmation email from the broker, and saw the bonus credited to my account.

However, things started to go downhill from there. I noticed that the trades that Farouk suggested were losing more than winning, and that my account balance was shrinking. I also noticed that the spreads and commissions that TD Markets charged were higher than what they advertised on their website. I tried to contact Farouk, but he was not answering my calls or emails. I also tried to withdraw some of my money, but I was met with a message that said that my withdrawal request was pending, and that I had to complete some verification procedures. I followed the instructions, and submitted my ID and proof of address documents. But nothing happened. I waited for days, but I did not receive any confirmation or update from the broker. I tried to contact their customer support, but I got no response. I realized that I had been scammed by TD Markets, and that they had taken my money and disappeared.

How I found out that TD Markets is a scam

After I realized that I had been scammed by TD Markets, I decided to do some research on the broker. I found out that TD Markets is not a regulated broker, and that it is not authorized to offer its services in any jurisdiction. I also found out that the company behind TD Markets, TDM Holdings Inc., is registered in an offshore location, where there is no financial oversight or consumer protection. I also discovered that the UK subsidiary of TD Markets, TD Markets Limited, is not registered or licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s financial regulator. I also read some negative reviews and complaints from other customers who had been scammed by TD Markets, and who had similar experiences to mine. I learned that TD Markets is a Forex trading scam, and that I had fallen victim to a fraudster and a scammer.

What I learned from my experience with TD Markets

My experience with TD Markets was a painful and costly lesson for me. I learned that Forex trading is not as easy or profitable as it seems, and that it involves a lot of risks and challenges. I also learned that there are many scammers and fraudsters in the Forex market, who prey on unsuspecting and inexperienced traders. I learned that I should always do my own research and due diligence before choosing a Forex broker, and that I should only trade with regulated and reputable brokers who have a proven track record and a good reputation. I also learned that I should never trust anyone who promises me unrealistic returns or bonuses, or who pressures me to deposit more money or trade more frequently. I also learned that I should always be careful and vigilant when trading online, and that I should always protect my personal and financial information.


TD Markets is a scam broker that should be avoided at all costs. They are not regulated, they are not transparent, and they are not trustworthy. They will lure you in with their attractive website and positive reviews, but they will scam you out of your money and disappear. They will not provide you with any service or support, and they will not honor your withdrawal requests. They are a Forex trading scam, and they are a fraudster and a scammer. If you have been scammed by TD Markets, or if you are thinking of trading with them, I advise you to stay away from them, and to report them to the authorities. You can also contact me if you need any help or advice, or if you want to share your story with me. I hope that my article will help you avoid falling victim to TD Markets, or any other Forex trading scam.

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