Prosto Capital scam broker review

Prosto Capital: Detailed overview of issues and risks

Your first contact with a broker starts with their website. However, a visit to the Forex Prosto Capital website may raise doubts about its reliability. In this article, we will take a closer look at the reasons why co-operating with this broker can become risky.

1. Poor quality website

The first thing that catches your eye when visiting Prosto Capital's website is its cheap and formulaic design. It completely replicates the look of many sites already accused of fraud.

1.1 Errors on the site

The site has many grammatical and spelling errors. Dead links leading to non-existent pages have also been found.

1.2 Lack of necessary services

The site lacks any integration with services that are required to work on the stock market. There is no possibility of mobile trading and other modern tools.

2. Lack of support

The support service on the Prosto Capital website is practically non-existent. Attempts to contact it are usually unsuccessful.

3. Negative reputational background

Prosto Capital has already attracted the attention of international regulators and has been blacklisted. This raises serious concerns about its integrity.

3.1 Fictitious regulators

The company refers to regulators that do not actually exist. Confirmation of registration cannot be obtained.

3.2 Threat of data leakage

The site does not have a secure connection and customer data is not protected by special encryption. This may lead to leakage of personal information and its transfer to third parties.

4. Data tampering and manipulation

Prosto Capital has already been found to be involved in falsifying news and technical manipulation.

4.1 False reports

The company regularly publishes false reports and irrelevant quotes, which confuses traders.

4.2 Misleading traders

Thereby, traders make wrong decisions and make unfavourable deals, which leads to loss of funds.

5. Questionable financial transactions

Prosto Capital suggests using dubious methods to conduct financial transactions.

5.1 Unreliable payment systems

There are no familiar payment systems and there is no user agreement. Instead, dodgy e-wallets and current accounts are offered.

5.2 Delays in order execution

Orders are executed with long delays and sometimes positions are closed automatically.

5.3 Withdrawal problems

Withdrawing money from your account is almost impossible, which was the reason for many negative reviews.

6. Fraudulent Practices

Prosto Capital lures clients with large sums and low commissions. However, this is only a mask for fraudulent schemes.

6.1 Fines and blocking

The broker penalises clients for inactivity and blocks access to the personal account without warning.

6.2 Doubtful conditions

Prosto Capital offers dubious terms and conditions that may lead to financial losses.

7. Problems with the domain

Information about the Prosto Capital domain is virtually non-existent on the web, and it is difficult to find in search engines. The domain name was registered very recently and there is no secure connection.

8. Inaccurate information on the site

The Prosto Capital website is missing a lot of important information about the company.

8.1 Lack of information about the broker

Information about the broker Prosto Capital itself is missing, and the "About Us" section is not filled in.

8.2 Unavailable contact details

Contact details are not published, and information about payment systems is missing.

8.3 No legal address

The website does not have a legal address and there is no "Data Privacy Policy" section.

9. Implausible promises

The home page of the site has a tempting offer that promises instant income with no risks.

10. Fake ratings and reviews

Prosto Capital was detected in rating spoofing and publishing false positive reviews with the help of special bots.

10.1 Intrusive calls

The broker himself finds clients, calls them from hidden numbers and exerts psychological pressure.

10.2 Mass mailing and advertising

Prosto Capital actively conducts mass mailings on social networks and runs adverts with implausible offers.

11. Conclusion

Prosto Capital is a forex broker with a bad reputation and indebtedness to clients. Its activity raises a lot of questions and doubts.

12. Warning

Prosto Capital is a fraudulent organisation that cannot be trusted. It uses many fraudulent schemes to generate income at the expense of its clients. Be careful and avoid cooperation with this broker. Prosto Capital is a fraudulent organisation that should not be trusted.



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