Equities Reserves: Background and warnings about fraudulent practices

Equities Reserves: Fraudulent broker valuation

Note: The following information is based on extensive research and a summary of several articles. The aim is to provide information about fraudulent practices associated with Equities Reserves and to protect readers from potential harm.


Equities Reserves is a company that actively attracts traders and encourages cooperation. However, before investing money, it is important to learn about the experience and recommendations to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes. In this article, we will highlight the key facts and prove that Equities Reserves is indeed fraudulent.

Registration and licensing

A trustworthy broker is usually characterized by proper registration and appropriate licenses. However, in our research on Equities Reserves, we found that there is no reliable information on the company's registration and licensing. This raises serious doubts about the seriousness and legality of Equities Reserves' activities.

Customer reviews of Equities Reserves

An important way to assess the reliability of a broker is through customer reviews. We have analyzed various sources, including popular review websites, and created an overall picture of traders' experiences with Equities Reserves.

Positive reviews

Some Equities Reserves reviews contain positive comments from clients who claim to have made high profits and had a good experience with the company. However, it is important to note that such reviews could be fake or written by employees of the company to attract new clients.

Negative reviews

More meaningful reviews indicate problems faced by traders working with Equities Reserves. Many clients complain about difficulties in withdrawing funds, account blocking and lack of customer support. These facts speak to the unreliability and incompetence of Equities Reserves as a forex broker.

Communication with Equities Reserves employees

Many traders who have tried to get in touch with Equities Reserves representatives report a lack of professionalism and incompetence on the part of the staff. Often, no clear answers can be given to questions, and when problems arise, employees display aggressive behavior. Such an attitude undermines trust in Equities Reserves and speaks to their unreliability.

Measures to recover funds

If you have been the victim of fraud by Equities Reserves and have lost your money, there are several steps you can take to recover your money:

  1. Contact law enforcement authorities: If you are certain you have been a victim of fraud, you can file a report with the police or other relevant authorities to initiate an investigation.
  2. Consult specialized lawyers: There are companies and lawyers who specialize in recovering funds from fraudulent brokers. They have experience in such cases and can help you recover your money.
  3. Share your experience: By sharing your experience with Equities Reserves with other traders, you can help them avoid scams. Share your story on forums, social media or blogs to warn others about the dangers of working with this company.


Equities Reserves raises serious doubts about its reliability and honesty. The lack of registration and licensing, negative customer reviews and poor customer service confirm that Equities Reserves is a fraudulent company that aims to deceive traders. Be vigilant and careful when choosing your broker to avoid falling into the hands of scammers.



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