Uncovering the deception: the story of BitKril

BitKril scam broker review

Scams in the financial market continue to thrive, with several unscrupulous brokers providing substandard services. BitKril, a Forex broker, stands as a prime example. The company not only falsifies news but also engages in technical manipulations.

BitKril: A Profile of Deception

The company's dubious nature became apparent from the start. BitKril sprung up a month ago, but its representatives speak of years of experience and millions of opened accounts. Their website is poorly designed, lacking essential legal documents. The company flouts regulatory rules, lacks a proper user agreement, and imposes concealed payments.

Unreliable and Untrustworthy: The BitKril Reality

Hundreds of defrauded clients and countless negative reviews point towards the unreliable and untrustworthy nature of BitKril's services. The company has failed to affirm the legality of its operations with licenses, nor has it published a single financial report.

BitKril: A Scam in Disguise

When opening an account with BitKril, customers can expect nothing but loss of money and time, coupled with a negative experience. The company does not allow customers to review the contract in advance, nor does it provide special encryption for data protection.

BitKril: A Deceptive Web of Falsehood

BitKril has been linked to a series of unethical practices. It manipulates prices, lures traders into parting with their money, and artificially inflates or deflates the value of certain assets. This creates false signals for investors, leading them down a dangerous path.

BitKril's Web of Deception Includes:

  1. Publication of False Data: The company regularly presents fictitious reports and advice from so-called experts, leading traders to make wrong decisions and suffer losses.
  2. Spreading False Information: BitKril creates an illusion of price decrease through the use of spoofing.
  3. Promotion of Bogus Investment Schemes: BitKril offers investment in non-existent financial products, promising instant returns. In reality, the investors only lose their money.
  4. Artificial Demand Creation: BitKril uses various programs to buy or sell shares, thus increasing the interest of potential investors.
  5. Publication of False Client Results: BitKril publishes false positive reviews through the use of bots, creating an illusion of reliability and stability.

BitKril: The Dangerous Reality

BitKril lacks transparency, risk information, and verified payment systems. The company's employees are the first to initiate contact, behaving aggressively and insistently. They send offers via e-mail and messengers, but the company lacks a support service, and its conditions are too implausible.

BitKril: Untrustworthy and Unreliable

BitKril has accumulated a significant number of negative reviews. Real clients have suffered from the actions of this broker, never receiving their money. The service doesn't have a mobile application, and the website often freezes. User data is not protected, and the support service is non-functional.

Reasons to Avoid BitKril:

  • Quotations differ significantly from market rates.
  • Orders are executed with a delay.
  • Transactions are automatically cancelled.
  • Unaccounted payments are deducted from accounts.
  • User agreement is not clearly defined.
  • Unrealistic commissions.
  • Paid education.
  • Price manipulation.
  • Artificial demand creation.
  • All documents, including reports and licenses, are hidden.
  • No regulatory oversight.
  • Unrealistic promises of high profits.
  • Unclear account types.
  • Calls from different numbers.
  • False analytics and statistics.
  • The platform is uncomfortable and inconvenient.
  • Requests for personal data during registration.
  • Offers to invest in non-existent financial products.


BitKril does not meet standards, violates market ethical principles, does not pay out money, and provides dubious services. It is yet another fraudster that should be avoided. Negative reviews, strange conditions, lack of contract, unverified payment systems, and paid education confirm this. Therefore, traders are advised to tread cautiously and avoid falling into the trap set by BitKril.



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